Malongo New Caledonia Roasted Coffee Bean

Malongo New Caledonia Roasted Coffee Bean

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A persistent aromas, well structured and fairly balanced. Delicate floral and woody notes that go perfectly with subtle and fine desserts, dairy or fruit-based.

This coffee comes from a rare variety, the pointed bourbon (or Leroy coffee) which owes its name to the elongated shape of its beans. Discovered by chance on a plantation on Reunion Island, the variety was introduced in New Caledonia around 1875. Its leaves are small, its caffeine level is very low, as is its yield; what makes the rarity and the particularity of this vintage. 

The cultivation of these coffee trees, which are more susceptible to disease and endowed with dense foliage making it difficult to pick, is very complex. But its great taste quality rewards the efforts made to produce it.