Malongo Green Pep's Loose Leaf Tea

Malongo Green Pep's Loose Leaf Tea

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Harmonious blend of green tea and citrus fruit associated with small orange berries of sea buckthorn. In the cup, a drink with a lemony taste.

  • Certified organic & fair trade tea
  • Low theine content
  • 3 min. infusion
  • 80 °C water temperature

Recipe idea: Green Pep's Lemon

Put in a shaker 4 ice cubes, 2 cl of lemon syrup, 15 cl of Meneau Lemonade and 15 cl of a previously infused Green Pep's tea. 

Shake everything and serve in a tall glass with a straw. 

Your fresh and sparkling cocktail is ready to be tasted!

Ingredients: Black tea 98% - lemon peel and natural bergamot flavor 2%