It’s a Grind

For the coffee cognoscente and the seasoned coffee hunter, the Hario V60 dripper is a must-have for sating caffeine habits.

The brewing alchemy, however, extends beyond experiencing the bean type and unique terroir and climate qualities from which the bean is cultivated; by simply varying the grind size and flow of water through the drip, the V60 allows the coffee experimenter to coax differential coffee components such as malic acids, citric acids, and sucrose from one and the same coffee. The flavor profile possibilities are endless!

Now if this sounds like your jam, the Malongo Hario V60 Brew Kit, which includes a dripper, carafe support, and filters, is just for you. To sweeten the deal, we also threw in Malongo’s certified organic and fair trade Laos coffee, highly-recommended for the V60.

Made by Hario, the name of this drip coffee maker is derived from its shape. V-shaped at a 60-degree angle, ridges on the inner rim help with air flow during the brewing cycle, allowing for maximum coffee expansion. The cone shape in itself helps to further accentuate flavor, in particular coffees with floral or fruity notes.

Filter paper is inserted into the “V” and then coffee grounds (we recommend a medium-fine grind size) are placed into the filter. Water is then poured over the grounds. When added slowly, the drawn out flow of water allows for a more thorough extraction, resulting in a richer, full-bodied product as it drips into your cup; if added quickly, expect a lighter-bodied sip.

In under three minutes, one can brew an incredibly tasty cup of coffee characterized by incredibly clear flavours and aromas. It is no wonder that the V60 is a favorite of the specialty coffee brewing methods.

Which brings us to Malongo’s recommended ground coffee. A good place to start is the Laos Coffee (this comes in the kit), a subtly tangy, medium style with long-lasting flavor. Best paired with milk-based desserts and fruits, the Laos’ fresh, spring-like character is formed early on in the harvesting phase, while a fruitier undertone appears later on.

Dreaming of your ultimate brew? Head over to the Malongo Atelier Barista Café in BGC or online via

Brewing instructions:

  1. Fold and place the paper filter in the dripper.
  2. Place the dripper on the carafe, then rinse the paper filter with hot water to remove any odors.
  3. After rinsing, empty the water from the carafe and place 12 grams of ground coffee in the filter.
  4. Carefully level out the medium ground coffee in the filter.
  5. Measure out 200 ml of hot water and pour a small quantity in to the center of the ground coffee to pre-brew for 30 seconds.
  6. Afterwards, pour the rest of the hot water by starting at the center and making circular movements outwards for 3-4 minutes.
  7. After brewing, remove the dripper from the carafe and serve the coffee in a warm cup.

Malongo Hario V60 Brew Kit: Php 4,879.00

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