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Home brewing is all about the ritual, allowing us moments of solitude to explore the wonderful spectrum of flavors and aromas of coffee. The French press, for one, exists to elevate this experience.

Many cafephilesFrench or notwill argue that the best cup you’ll ever experience is the most unadulterated form of a steaming, robust cup of freshly French pressed coffee. Also known as a coffee press, coffee plunger, cafetière à piston, or caffettiera a stantuffo, this brewing device essentially produces a smaller volume of stronger-tasting, full-bodied coffee meant to be consumed immediately. It is also the easiest and most straightforward method of brewing. The French clearly knew what they were doing!

Find out what your perfect cup tastes like and experiment with Malongo’s sleek Bodum Chombard French Press. Featuring a durable Bodum Double Wall Thermo Glass, it makes an 8 cl (80 ml) cup of coffee. Want a stronger cup? Steep for longer. As part of a special barista- curated brew kit, now at 30% off, this coffee press comes with a hermetically sealed bag of Burundi coffee.

French press recommended, this certified fair trade coffee is medium-bodied, highly aromatic, and with just the right touch of tang. Malongo Burundi coffee also brings to the palate woodsy notes as well as fruity and slightly detectable animal undertonesthe perfect brew for desserts with red berries or citric fruits.

Dreaming of your ultimate cup of brewed coffee? Head over to the Malongo Atelier Barista Café in BGC or online via

Brewing instructions:
1. Add 18 grams of coarsed ground coffee to the French Press.
2. Pour 300 ml of hot water into the French Press then gently stir using a spoon to optimize the brewing process.
3. Cover the French Press without pressing it and leave to brew for 4-5 minutes. Make sure to turn the lid to close the spot.
4. After the required brewing time, apply a slight downward pressure until it reaches the bottom.
5. Rotate the lid to open and pour the coffee.

Malongo French Press Brew Kit: Php 3,556.00

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